Young Budd is the fly rapper with a catchy flow and originality that is sure to make him stand out in the hip-hop industry. Born and raised in Spring Valley, New York (The Hill Section) Lance “Young Budd” Hayes gravitated towards music as a teen, to escape the realities of his drug riddled and crime infested neighborhood. Inspired by some of his favorite artists Biggie and Jay-Z, Budd began rapping as a pastime with friends.

However, rapping became less consistent, as Young Budd would succumb to his environment and become involved with the drug game. Overtime he would see several of his friends in and out of jail and he realized that he didn’t want to end up behind bars. Young Budd got back to the studio and recorded his first mixtape, “Da Kultivation.”

Following the release of his first recording in 2013, Young Budd independently released two mixtapes “Sorry I’m Not Sorry,” and “Certified” in 2014 along with one Ep. “IVOREVER in 2015 respectively. His mixtapes feature excerpts from his diary as he paints vivid pictures of the street life, as he knows it, his role as a father of two, and his struggle to rise out of poverty. Budd’s lyrics provide insight to the dark side of suburban life; a story of crime, sex, and drugs that is familiar to the hip-hop industry. As he grows as a rapper and artist Young Budd remains true to his roots and dedicated to sharing his story with the world through his lyrics.

Young Budd has performed at several shows through out the tri-state area Atlanta and Miami. He established Kultivation as his brand and namesake, now resides in south florida while he continues to pursue his independent music career. Currently he is releasing music videos for singles from his latest fans inspired project “Gold Coast Collection” early 2018.



What Is Da Kultivation?
A Great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement or work.
Da Kult:
A wide range of people who strongly believe and are devoted to the music of YoungBudd and what he represents.
Da Kultivation:
Is about using his music and fans as a way to touch a larger audience who can connect with his lyrics.YoungBudd’s work represents his life as well as the lives of so many others around the world. Through Kultivation YoungBudd shares his stories,insight and belief’s with the people.